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Red Square in Moscow

Red Square in Moscow

Clicking a thumb nail, the large photo emerges in another window.
Moscow Moscow National History Musium Mausoleum of Lenin
01  Moscow

02  Moscow

03  National History Musium

04  Mausoleum of Lenin

Great Kremlin Palace Office in the Kremlin Church in the Kremlin Vasiliya temple

05  Great Kremlin Palace

06   Office in the Kremlin

07  Church in the Kremlin

08  Vasiliya temple

Pragabenshenskii temple Uspenskii temple Department store GUM Ex-KGB building

09  Pragabenshenskii temple (1928x1372)129KB

10  Uspenskii temple

11 Department store GUM

12  Ex-KGB building

the River Moscow Moscow University Greek Orthodox Church Greek Orthodox Church

13  the River Moscow 

14  Moscow University

15  Greek Orthodox 

16  Greek Orthodox Church (1354x1694)95KB

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